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AKSYS Games Unleashes BlayzBloo Super Melee Brawlers Battler Royale for DSiWare


Can't get enough of the BlazBlue franchise? Then Aksys Games has you covered. In an official blog post today, Aksys games officially announced the release of super chibi fighter BlayzBloo Super Melee Brawlers Battler Royale on the DSiWare marketplace. Priced at only 500 DSi points, this spin off lets four players duke it out in a fighting arena while revisiting the new interactive stages in Kagutsuchi.

Other features include:

Two Modes Featuring Single-player or Free Battle!

Take on the computer or up to 4 friends. Set the rules, and select the stage and match type!

Engage in Combat with Three Match Modes! The good ol' beat-'em-up Life Match requires fighters to put the smackdown on each other until your life meter is drained! Collect soba noodle points in a Point Match by attacking other fighters, or play snatch the panda in a Flag Match—whoever has the panda when time runs out wins!

Play as Five Adorable Brawlers from the 2D fighting game smash hit BlazBlue!

Battle as Ragna, Noel, Rachel, Taokaka or Jin! Create mini combos with their normal and drive attacks!

Each character can equip special items like bunny ears and masks to boost their abilities!

So get your fighting on as you determine who's the cutest of the cute in this download-only fighter. Although I appreciate the franchise just as much as the next Noel fan, this just begs the age old question-- when will Super Smash Bros. be released on the DS?

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