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Aisha Tyler makes her Watch Dogs debut

As we learned at San Diego Comic-Con, actress/gamer/comedian Aisha Tyler will have a small role in Ubisoft's upcoming game Watch Dogs. Today, Ubisoft released a new video highlighting her in-game character, just one of the many non-playable characters that bring depth and richness to the city of Chicago.

Aisha's role in the game isn't a pivotal one; speaking to Polygon, she referred to her in-game self as "just a person on the street."

"If you encounter my character, the way I develop the lines is not 'oh hey, you just ran into Aisha Tyler.' I'm just a person on the street and I'm living my life. It's not this big 'there's a celebrity in the game'," she told the website.

"Without sounding too self-referential, I don't live a particularly fancy life. I work in television but in my normal life I walk around in jeans and I go to the movies. I'm not riding in the back of a limo. I'm just doing the same shit everyone else is doing."

While it sounds like Aisha is in the game merely as a easter egg, today's video she's of particular importance -- under DedSec surveillance and at potential victim of an attack. As protagonist Aiden Pearce trails her character and listens in on her phone conversation, the risk soon unfolds.

"I hope that's the way people will encounter my character in the game," Aisha said. "There's an Easter egg quality to it and I hope that it will be fun for people to interact with my character in a way that is seamless and fully integrated with the rest of their gameplay experience."

Check out the trailer above to see Aisha Tyler's Watch Dogs debut.

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