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Airport Mania: First Flight (PC + MAC) Announced from Reflexive Entertainment

March 14, 2008

Pack your bags for an exciting trip with Airport Mania: First Flight

Reflexive Entertainment is proud to announce its 16th game Airport Mania: First Flight, scheduled for departure this April on PC and this June on Mac.

Reflexive Entertainment is proud to announce its next game: Airport Mania™: First Flight. Scheduled for departure this April on PC, and this June on Mac, Airport Mania will put players in charge of an airport, giving them the chance to direct air traffic and customize the airport, as they try to keep up with the hectic happenings.

Combining the excitement of travel with the frantic action of air traffic control, Airport Mania is full of character. From the expressions and voices of the planes to the awards room filled with riddles, every aspect of the game has been created to be entertaining and enjoyable. The game play is full of surprises including in-air emergencies and events, like the arrival of the President's Plane, that require immediate attention. Also included are multiple goal levels and a secret hidden Paper Planes mode.

Developed in a partnership with South Winds Games, Airport Mania has been created with a focus on fun. "There are a lot of different types of games out there for a lot of different people," said Airport Mania Designer Russell Carroll. "In creating Airport Mania, I wanted to create a game that would make people smile and have fun. For me, there are few things more rewarding than seeing something you've created put a smile on someone else's face."

Featuring comical music, 8 amusing locations, and 84 whimsical levels, Airport Mania: First Flight will provide an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone in the family when it is released for the PC in early April and the Mac in early June. More information can be found at the Airport Mania: First Flight website:

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