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Air Penguin Is the New iPhone King, and It's Great


The very best iPhone games seem to use a common formula for success. First, there must be some kind of avian theme. It's important that your game features birds prominently. Second, make sure you're at that pocket change price point of 99 cents. Lastly, provide players with a ton of levels.

Air Penguin offers all of these, and like clockwork, the game has climbed its way to the top spot as this week's bestselling iPhone game. I'll add that the game is followed by Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds, and Tiny Wings, just in case you thought I was kidding.

Air Penguin is a tilt-based platformer shown from an overhead viewpoint. The result plays quite similarly to a horizontal version of Doodle Jump. Your penguin automatically jumps whenever it hits a solid ice platform, and you must guide him to the next one without dropping him into the water. The overhead perspective allows for some cool gimmicks, as well, like the ability to stop jumping around and slide across the snow or even ride a turtle.

The game seems to follow the typical 99 cent format of dividing the levels up into very large sets. Finishing a set gets you a quick cutscene and access to the next batch of levels, which is pretty much the same, with just a slight change in color. Along the way, the game continually introduces new obstacles like sharks, seals, and other arctic creatures.

From what I've played so far, it's probably the most fun I've had with a tilt game since Tilt to Live. The tilt controls are excellent, and the game strays far from the randomness that makes other top games like Angry Birds a bit intolerable. Still, as with any tilt control game, it can get be problematic at times. It's in these brief moments that some players will become too frustrated to truly enjoy the game, but if you like tilt controls, absolutely check this one out.

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