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Aion Details Upcoming Patch 2.5


Aion, like all MMOs, is a major work-in-progress. Unlike pretty much every MMO out there, however, I'm actually awaiting the patch or expansion that finally makes the game worth investing in. NCSoft has taken another great step towards that day with the latest patch, currently being run through their Korean test servers.

Version 2.5 adds a colossal amount of content, with just a few of the key updates listed below:

• Academy Bootcamp, an arena styled instance with 50 stage challenges • Araka, an abyss styled instance for players level 50 and above • New pets, including a pet mood system, emotes and abilities • New skills and abilities for all player classes • New legion upgrades and administration options • Upgraded User Interface and a new map system • Help system for high level players to function as group guides for lower levels • Graphics update with a new “Superior Graphic Engine” option

It will take some time for the patch to be applied to the US, and I'll probably end up waiting until the next expansion before seriously considering devoting several months of my life to a single game, but the progress here is admirable. Really though, all they have to do is drastically diminish the heavy grinding required to progress and I'm sold.


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