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Ahh! Drow, Illithids, and, Beholders in the Neverwinter Whispering Caverns trailer

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Because Forgotten Realms loves the Underdark, it looks like the new MMORPG Neverwinter is taking us back there to face some of the most terrifying things lurking down there. What you ask? How about some Drow, Illithids, and even Beholders. In the new Whispering Caverns trailer we see all of these foes just sort of hanging out there.

What sort of world are we living in when Drow and Illithids are making alliances with one another? That goes against everything I know. What is this madness?! I guess I’ll have to get level 60 to find out because Whispering Caverns is end game content. Watch the trailer below and check out the screens.


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