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Age of Heroes Online will be launched on iPhone.

May 8, 2009

Age of Heroes Online will be launched on iPhone.

The development of iPhone client for multi-player mobile game Age of Heroes Online from Qplaze was started.

At the moment Age of Heroes Online is the largest multi-player mobile project within CIS uniting more than 35 000 registered users.

The project is constantly developing and growing. Among the nearest planned innovations is the launch of the second, English-speaking server of Age of Heroes Online developed with a glance at requirements of European mobile operators and also a range of updates to the game itself – increase of level cap, addition of new locations and introduction of a new game race.

New client will allow iPhone users to easily and comfortably join the ranks of Age of Heroes Online players.

The client is planned to be released in the second half-year of 2009.

Official game site: 

To enter the browser version of game you just need to go to official site and select menu item “Play from Computer”.

Official game forum: 

Some numbers and facts on Age of Heroes Online:

  • The number of unique maps in the current game version exceeds 300, with more than 80 types of different buildings and objects;

  • 14 different types of surroundings and game landscape that visually illustrate the difference between game races, and more than 30 types of battlefields completely depending on type of landscape;

  • Game includes more than 100 creatures with most of which player can not only fight but also hire them to his army;

  • In the world of Age of Heroes Online exist more than 500 different magic objects and artifacts all of which can be found, bought or gained by player in battle;

  • All creatures taking part in battles have their own features and special abilities that allows to use difficult tactical schemes in battle.

  • Player can choose from 9 heroes of 3 different races which have more than 50 unique abilities available for development.

  • Java client has a record small size of 300 kilobytes as for MMORPG and operates both on mobile phones with a Java2ME support and on smartphones based on Symbian and Windows Mobile;

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