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Age of Conan adheres to the 4Cs when it comes to goals

May 15, 2009

Age of Conan adheres to the “4Cs” when it comes to goals

Future looking bright for Funcom MMO

Since it’s launch in mid-May of 2008, the Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures – from Funcom – has offered up a visceral experience. Well, things on the graphics front are about to get a lot better. Long-promised, DirectX 10 capability will soon be part of the game, according to game director Craig Morrison.

“While we already have a fantastically realized game-world we have been hard at work ensuring it continues to shine as the most stunningly rendered MMO world to date,” Morrison said. “First and foremost in this development is the new DX10 functionality that will allow players to see the kingdoms of Hyboria like never before. Launching soon, the DX10 version will bring more spectacular visuals to the beautiful vistas of King Conan’s world.”

But plans for the future of this MMO abound. As Morrison explained:

“During the development of the game the key phrase that was used to establish the goals of the project was ‘Combat, Combat, Combat’ and I think that goal was perfectly realized in our combat system, and element of the game that continues to be a key feature and unique element players enjoy with our game. When we set out to define the goals for the development team for the ongoing production we decided to keep with the ‘C’ theme, so the goals of the team are to focus on ‘Content, Conflict, Character and Community.’

“Content – Our continued desire to keep providing exciting and engaging new content for players

“Conflict – Build on the game’s strong PvP elements and continue to expand on the brutal world of Hyboria

“Character – Strive to provide better options for character development, something that is a key focus at the moment with our impending revamp of items and statistics in the next major game update.

“Community – One of the key goals for the next year will be improving upon the community and guild functionality in the game to give the players more tools to craft their own space and identity in the world of Hyboria.”

With an eye on the present state of the game, while building for its future, it appears that the Funcom dev team is on track to provide a robust, inviting and entertaining game experience.

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