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Age of Conan adds PvP leveling system

April 30, 2009

Age of Conan adds PvP leveling system

Enhancements to the PvP part of the improvements to hit Funcom MMO

The Age of Conan is a massively multiplayer online game that has had its share of ups and downs since the launch on May 17 of 2008. Like any MMO, the game had its share of problems but like any good MMO, the development team at Funcom has been listening to its player community and working to evolve the game in a manner that not only benefits the existing community, but lures in new players.

The game does have a fairly robust single-player experience (PvE or player-versus environment), but the dev team has also addressed the player-versus-player aspect of the game as well. (When players enter the game, they do have a choice of a PvE or PvP server, but through the user interface, even players on the PvE servers can jump into PvP team instances.)

Craig Morrison, the game’s director, said “The world of King Conan is a brutal one and we have made sure to focus on building on the PvP offerings. One of the key elements that players reported enjoying in the game was the ability to be part of a bloody and exciting game-world and we wanted to build on that. Not only have we added a full PvP leveling system, with a host of rewards – we have also built upon this with a full PVP consequence system that adds a true meaning to PvP combat and allows those that would tread a darker path to actually become criminals based on their actions, opening up a whole new game-play experience.”

Of course those players who choose to embroil themselves in the quest on a PvE server will also find it easier to use the interface to find PvP mini-games and participate in those as well.

The changes to the PvP system are just part of the overall improvements to the game that should make for a solid and entertaining gaming experience.

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