Age of Wushu’s first expansion Legends of Mount Hua receives a release date

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Yo, martial artists MMO go getters, good news! Age of Wushu has announced both a release date and more info for the first expansion Legends of Mount Hua. This momentous day in only a bit more than a month away with the release date of August 8th. You’ll get access to Jianghu Experience. This is only the first step though, you’ll also have to meet the requirements of each faction you’ll want to gain reputation with.

The Legends of Mount Hua expansion will include several new faction to rep up with as well as other new content. New to the game will be the Mount Hua Competition, Yanmen Pass, Youyun Sixteen Prefectures Battle Arena, Martial Brothers System, Jianghu Status System, Jianghu Heroic Playstyle / Treasure System, and Jianghu Gratitude / Revenge System.

Others features include:

  • Faction Challenges - Successfully challenge and defeat the many Factions in the world to rapidly increase your Jianghu Experience
  • Changing NPC Relations - Improve or worsen your relationship with NPCs, both common and higher ranking, to increase Jianghu Experience
  • Unique Rewards - Build your Jianghu Experience to become renowned amongst your peers and earn:
  • Items, costumes and titles
  • Quests, public events and world events
  • Single and multiplayer dungeons
  • Special battlefields

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