Agarest Senki Mariage is weird, probably not coming to America

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If ever there was a time to utter the phrase "what is this I don't even," this would be it. Compile Heart, one of the developers that brought us the hilarious and enjoyable Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 earlier this year, is now hard at work on its next project. It's funny that I say "hard" because, well ...

Umm ... I really have no clue how to talk about Compile Heart's latest game. For starters, it's called Agarest Senki Mariage. It looks like the typical moe RPG, featuring girly characters that perverts may find attractive.

There are also images, people. And these images are ... interesting. Seriously, just check them out below and you'll see what I mean. Just, uh, don't look at them if someone else is in the room. This is strange stuff indeed.

To quote GameZone's own Lance Liebl, "Well, the Japanese are doing it again." I doubt we'll be seeing Agarest Senki Mariage in North America. Ever. To be honest, that's probably a good thing.


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