Agarest: Generation of War Zero is coming to Steam

For all of who bought Agarest: Generation of War on Steam back in October of last year and loved it, I have great news for you! The prequel, Agarest: Generation of War Zero is coming to Steam in the first quarter of 2014. This was actually the first game I played in the franchise back on the Xbox 360.

Due to Ghostlight’s previous successful PC release of the franchise, why not keep it going? Like Agarest: Generation of War, Agarest: Generation of War Zero will have full keyboard and mouse controls as well as still supporting the gamepad option. New high PC resolutions are here to be abused for your enjoyment as well as a slew of new upgraded interface changes.

Check out the trailer above, fight evil through generational combat, and put evil in its place. Yea… it’s the old PS3 trailer, but you get the gist.

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