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'After Earth' viral teaser uses Facebook Timeline to show us the end of Earth

M. Night Shyamalan is back with another twist! Actually, I don't know if it'll have a twist at the end, but what a twist! If you don't know who M. Night Shyamalan is, he is the director of the amazing movie The Sixth Sense and the pretty good movies Unbreakable and Signs. Then he directed the less-than-stellar movies The VillageLady in the WaterThe Last AirbenderThe Last of Us The Happening, and he wrote Devil

His new movie, After Earth, stars Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith as they crash land on Earth, which was evacuated 1000 years ago.  With a big name like Will Smith attached to the movie, it's easy to see After Earth as a potential blockbuster. With that being said, the first viral teaser has been released for the movie, and it  uses Facebook timeline to show how an alien crash boosted humankind's technology, which led to the downfall of our planet. And even though the actual Facebook page for After Earth doesn't have any of this, the viral teaser is kinda cool.

After Earth is set to release June 7, 2013.

[Soucre: Entertainment Weekly]

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