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Aether Wing Kayle skin is pure divinity in League of Legends


I played around with the Aether Wing Kayle skin a few days before it come out on the League of Legends test server. The work Riot did on this skin is some of their finest yet. First of all just look at it; the model and art follows similarly to some of their Hextech models in the past.  Everything about her is just sleek and smooth. What blows my mind the most are her movement animations. When Kayle moves she doesn’t just have just a clunky flight animation – she looks like she is actually flying.  On top of the divine spell animations, partial effects, and voice over work, this skin is absolutely unreal.

There is even a back story to this skin involving an alternative fantasy where Kayle put an end to an ancient war but lost her wings in the process. An expert craftsman forges new transcendent aileron wings and infused her blade with faith and light.  She’s come back to the Fields of Justice with her new vision. I’m curious if Riot will expand on this reality any further?

Aether Wing Kayle skin is legendary in both appearance and price. It is currently available in the Riot store for 1820 RP. Check out the images and video below.

Ather Wing Kayle


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