Aerith’s house from Final Fantasy 7 costs far more in the real world than you’d think

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Like, WAY more than you think her house is worth. It’s been a while, but her Final Fantasy VII house is literally in the slums of Midgar. Sure it’s prettier on the eye and two stories, but I would never think her ‘estate’ would go for $1,886,204. That’s insane!

This number was put together by Randy Nelson of Movoto Blog, he calculated square feet, location, and similar properties in the real world. Through this research, the data gathered came out to this near $2 million price tag. It’s not the largest house, but at two stories there is a fair amount of solid real-estate here. She’s got a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms… no bathroom, but yea.

Randy estimated Aerith’s house is 1,176 total square feet. Since Midgar is modeled after New York City, houses in Tribeca (NYC) go for about $1,604 per square foot. Let the magic of math happen and we’re looking at a total of $1,886,304 – if you’re wondering, that is around 37,726,080 gil.

So there you have it, that is one EXPENSIVE house. Check out the infographic below and visually see how it was done.      

House Aerith


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