Adventures of Shuggy free DLC out now, sequel may be a Metroidvania

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As reported earlier this week, a content update was scheduled to land for The Adventures of Shuggy, Smudged Cat Games' pleasant puzzle platformer. The day has come, and the PC version of the game has now been updated with 40 brand new levels titled Shuggy's Teleporting Troubles.

The new content presents an emphasis on teleporting around levels and should provide an adequate challenge for Shuggy veterans. If you don't already own the game, you should definitely download it. Not only is it awesome, but it's also pretty cheap (five bucks!).

In addition to the DLC news, Smudged Cat also plans on releasing a sequel to Shuggy which should get fans of the original super giddy. The studio is contemplating turning the sequel into a Kickstarter project, and it seems like the game would feature some new mechanics, namely, multiple characters with specific skills and Metroidvania-style gameplay.

"Shuggy sequel Kickstarter looking very likely," tweeted Smudged Cat. "We're thinking Metroidvania, you find each character and they have different abilities."

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