Adventure Time meets Super Smash Bros.: Adventure Bros?

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U Screenshot - 1167066

Artist Mike Vasquez took it upon himself to bring two massive fandoms together, and thanks to his efforts popular cartoon Adventure Time has been thrown in the washer with Super Smash Bros., resulting in… Super Smash Time? Or are they the Adventure Bros.?

The 11 x 17 in. poster, seen above, casts Finn as Link, Princess Bubblegum as Princess Peach, Marceline as Samus and throws a hefty chunk of the SSB lineup on top, from Ice Climbers to Metaknight. The print is available for $20 through Vasquez's Etsy page, and is currently part of a buy-two-get-one-free summer sale.

All prints are made with high quality 80-pound paper, but Vasquez cautions that colors may differ slightly from the image shown. The difference is likely minimal if apparent at all, but we both know hardcore fans of both series would buy the thing even if it were strictly black and white.

Amusingly, both Adventure Time and Super Smash Bros. are surprisingly relevant, what with the MOBA adaptation of the former proving itself unexpectedly competent and the latter today receiving three new playable characters

[via GameInformer

Austin Wood
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