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Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! wants you to own Peppermint Butler for free


Listen up Adventure Time fans, now that the Ice King is done going through your garbage, it’s time to explore some dungeons. In Adventure Time: Explore Dungeons Because I DON’T KNOW! you’ll enter an over the top RPG type experience with your most beloved AT characters.

Sure Peppermint Butler may now be your favorite character (if he is, you have a very very dark side to you), but you can own him for free for simply preordering the game via Steam. While normally PB would cost you $2, why not get him for free; he’s both made of candy and serves! That’s a winning combination in my book.

Adventure Time: Explore Dungeons Because I DON’T KNOW! may not come out until November 12th, but it’s never too early to preorder. You can set it up on your PC for $40. If you’re wondering what PB does, he clearly uses other worldly powers, removes curses, and frightens Death away with his mere presence. GG. 

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