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Adorable RPG Tiny Kingdoms puts game design in player's hands

Tiny Kingdoms

Today Canadian studio Big Viking Games launched a Kickstarter for a free-to-play role-playing game that's all about player "co-creation."

Big Viking needs $50,000 in crowdfunding, which is a modest goal. It plans to make Tiny Kingdoms with HTML5 to allow for cross-platform play between Facebook and mobile devices, but what's more interesting is how the studio plans to approach development. It wants to include players in the design process beginning, middle, and post-launch — there's no end in sight.

Tiny Kingdoms is an "RPG tactical-battle game" with a number of cool heroes announced as possibilities, including a Viking, Rogue, and 8-Bit Wizard. Players can also raise pets; each hero comes with two to start.

Supporting Tiny Kingdoms means getting a say about characters, environments, items, and new modes, among other features. Big Viking plans to host live chats and conduct polls throughout development to gauge feedback, starting once the game hits beta.

Big Viking's team has worked on titles such as BioShock 2 and Star Trek.

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