Adele is doing the theme song for 'Skyfall'

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I heard that Bond settled down, that he lost his love, and he's retired now. Sorry, couldn't resist the temptation of rewriting the lyrics of "Someone Like You" with a Skyfall theme to it.

In reality, Adele was recently spotted a few weeks ago in the studio, and rumors swirled that she was providing the the theme song for the new Bond movie. That has now been confirmed, and the song will be called Skyfall... wow, that's original. I wonder how they came up with that. For Quantum of Solace, Jack White and Alicia Keys teamed up to record "Another Way to Die" as the theme song. Coming off of her insanely successful album 21, I think it's fair to say that she's quite the upgrade.

We'll find out how the theme song is when Skyfall (the film, not the song... well, the song too, but... nevermind) releases on November 9th.

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