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Addictive Puzzle Game for iPhone/iPod touch

January 6, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy New...tonica!

"What is newtonica?" you might ask...

Inspired by "newtonica" – the #1 App on the Japanese App Store, newtonica2 is an addictive puzzle game with cool tunes for your iPhone/iPod touch! 36 exciting stages for only $0.99!

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So cute that you almost want to eat it! But wait, it's a puzzle game!

Only on the iPhone and iPod touch can you get such a quirky combo!

Click here to download the newtonica2 Video


* – "9 out of 10" + GOLD Award

"Even if you're just happy to fly through, newtonica2 is the kind of brain teaser that can absorb you for hours at a time. It's also coupled by some of the best presentation and music you'll see anywhere."

"newtonica2 is a flagship title for the iPhone: sleek, smart, stylish, clever, and most importantly, addictive."

User Reviews:

"This is a very cute game…great music and sound effects! The puzzles get rather complex as you progress and it's harder to pick up the donuts, but it's fun!"

"The graphics are outstanding, well worth $0.99 if not more!"

"Everything from style, game design and elegant implementation…newtonica2 delivers…"

Visit Us at www.myspace/newtonica

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