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Add some more 'badass' to your powers in new Saints Row 4 DLC

If the incredibly over-powered and oh-so-satisfying super powers weren't enough for you in Saints Row IV, you can get your jollies off to even more badass powers in the new Elements of Destruction DLC.

With this DLC, you'll get powers like:

Explosive Chain Blast - Like when things go boom? Watch this power create a domino effect of explosions as one thing sets off another. Boom indeed.

Telekinetic Time Bomb - Picking people up with your mind is fun, but making them explode afterwards is even better. 

Explosive Buff - Run past unsuspecting civilians and add some explosiveness to their lives, by making them EXPLODE!

Airstrike Stomp - Easily one of the coolest new powers. Stomp the ground and watch as enemies fly into the air like fireworks, and then unleash a barrage of explosive rounds back on the ground.

They really should have just named this DLC pack Boom, am I right?!

You can pick up the DLC pack now.

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