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Add some Heavy Rain, Uncharted and Killzone to your Minecraft


Minecraft, the ever expanding game of building blocks and crafting is getting a whole new skin pack for the PlayStation 3. If you ever felt like your world of blocks was missing a certaing kind of Nathan Drake-ness, today's update rectifies this.

Two skin packs are also available. Skin Pack 1 is perfect for hardcore PlayStation fans. It brings a bunch of Sony stalwarts including Nathan “Uncharted” Drake, folks from Heavy Rain, some Killzone dudes, and Sly Cooper. The Battle and Beasts skin pack includes koalas, a Cleopatra look-a-like, various cavemen, and an octopus. It’s the most eclectic pack currently available.


There are also two textures packs, a City Texture Pack and a Plastic Texture Pack, to change the look of your world. The skin and texture packs are available now!

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