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Activision is Purposely Stalling Infinity Ward Lawsuit According to Respawn Heads


Jason West and Vince Zampella, the former Infinity Ward heads who were fired by Activision and immediately opened up a new studio at EA, have stated in new court documents that they believe their former employer is attempting to use its bottomless pockets to crush them, their hopes and dreams, and the hopes and dreams of all mankind.

More specifically, West and Zampella state that the publisher is purposely delaying the lawsuit against them in order to build up legal feels, which the duo are allegedly paying from personal funds and now totals more than their annual salaries combined, as well as stunt Respawn's operations.

If anyone can dethrone Call of Duty, it would be the guys who originally built it up from nothing, and Activision is playing dirty to ensure that doesn't happen.

This legal battle has already turned out to be one of the most well-publicized in the history of the industry, but it seems it's only going to get worse before all is said and done.


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