Activision Announces a New Kinect Sports Title

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Microsoft's beloved Kinect has already seen its fair share of sporting games. Kinect Sports, one of the motion controller's launch titles, sold impressively well, and because of that, we have seen detailed previews of Kinect Sports Season 2. Today, Activision have announced that they are preparing to release their own sporting Kinect title, Big League Sports.

Big League Sports may be a title you have heard before as it first made an appearance on the Nintendo Wii. Activision released little information on the upcoming Kinect title, including whether or not it would be the Wii version with controller-free capabilities or a brand new experience altogether. Activision did announce, though, the lineup of events you will be able to participate in Big League Sports, which can be seen below:

- American football - Soccer - Tennis - Basketball - Hockey - Lacrosse

Big League Sports is set to release later this year.

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