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Activision, Infinity Ward court case delayed


The heated court hearing between Activision and Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella has been delayed to May 29, 2012. 

According to West and Zampella, Activision owes them $125 million in unpaid royalties. The suit dates back to 2010 when the two major faces of the Modern Warfare franchise left the notorious publisher and started their own studio. Interestingly, though, the major publisher is counter-suing Electronic Arts for $400 million as part of the suit, claiming it was "conspiring illegally with West and Zampella while they were still Activision employees." 

The hearing was originally scheduled for May 7, but has been rescheduled due to an Activision request. While West and Zampella will most likely not regain control of the Modern Warfare name, it will still be interesting to see what plays out on May 29. GameZone will keep you covered on the hearing, along with any other details pertaining to the case. 

Source: [OXM]

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