Ace Attorney Trilogy HD mobile release bumps up to next week

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Capcom announced today that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD for iOS is releasing much sooner than expected — next week, on May 30.

This is very good news. The publisher's last update about the game was in April, when senior vice president Christian Svensson told fans the release date had slid back to July.

The first two cases in the original game are free to try, and players can then download the rest by paying $5.99. "After that, the following two full games will cost you $6.99 apiece, or grab the entire collection in one shot for $16.99," Capcom wrote on its blog.

"I know that [price] may seem high by iPhone standards, but theses games are huge, containing hours and hours of expertly written entertainment, and they've had a lot more work put in to them than your average iOS slot game or bubble-popping simulator," the post reads.

If you've been meaning to play the series, now's a great time.

The iOS version features an exclusive new "Everyone Object" mode, "which allows players to share dissatisfaction with everyday life, Phoenix-style!"

Capcom also recently announced Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, the fifth and latest entry, as a download-only title for 3DS. The company's reasoning for the digital and not physical release? It's better than nothing.

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