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Acclaimed Designers Lend Their Hands to City of Heroes

January 26, 2010

Acclaimed Designers Lend Their Hands to City of Heroes

Mysteries, war villains and crime cabals abound in latest Mission Architect Guest Author Arcs

The world’s most popular super-powered hero MMORPG is subject to a host of new threats today as the latest series of guest-authored Mission Architect arcs is rolled out to eager City of Heroes fans. These highly customized scenarios have been crafted by some of the most influential writers and game designers in the industry and continue to uphold the high-quality of work that fans have come to expect from Mission Architect and the guest author program.

The three latest Guest Author missions are available now and can be found by searching for mission titles through the Mission Architect search functionality. Since its introduction in April 2009, the Mission Architect tool has pioneered the way players enjoy new game content – by creating it themselves and sharing their creations with others. With the ability to tell their own story and have others experience it, players have generated more than 62,000 new arcs.

Author: Austin Grossman, a game designer and writer whose handiwork spans from System Shock and Deus Ex to his novel Soon I Will Be Invincible.

Title: Return of the Crime Cabal

Description: Three new villains have appeared to threaten Paragon City. Darkhelm, Spideractive, and the Carbon Countess are a diabolical alliance of science, magic, and technology. Together they are the Crime Cabal! But who are they? Where do they come from? To defeat them, you must learn their story.

Author: Mercedes Lackey, author of more than 75 books including the Heralds of Valdemar series.

Title: Mystery on the Boardwalk

Description: Unbelievable Man is stuck on the phone with his needy girlfriend, so the Heroic ATemps Temp Agency has sent you over to handle this. It's only a little haunting, how hard can it be?

Author: Troy Hickman, two-time Eisner Award nominee for his comic book Common Grounds.

Title: A Little Night Music

Description: Citadel needs your assistance. The Fifth Column have resurrected the dreaded WWII villain Hacktmusik, and he in turn has kidnapped Jimmy Preston. Citadel needs you to enter the dreamworld and save his young friend… and hopefully the world. You say you're not afraid? You will be…

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