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Abandon Reveals New Environment For PvE Challenges in Freaky Adventures

October 16, 2009

Abandon Reveals New Environment For PvE Challenges in Freaky Adventures

Freaky Creatures Players Encounter New Obstacles and Monsters In Uncharted Veseran Jungles

Abandon Interactive Entertainment today revealed details for the Veseran Jungles, an all-new environment in Freaky Adventures, the upcoming content update to the ever-evolving Freaky Creatures universe. The uncharted Veseran jungle will present exciting new territory for explorations and player versus environment interaction within the Freaky Creatures MMOG. With challenging new gameplay features, the Veseran Jungles will allow players to take on new characters, powers, and missions in the Freaky Adventures realm.

The Veseran jungles are home to massive prehistoric reptiles that threaten even the strongest Freaky Creatures, spanning a quarter of the largest continent on Verdura. Its lush foliage hides many new mysteries, and malicious individuals have set their sights on the jungle, including the Cryo Corporation and the lovely (but deadly) Violet. The sneaky Velons native to Verdura strive to maintain order in the jungle, while fending off the encroaching corporations. Players will face thrilling new dangers in the Veseran Jungle, as they choose to embark on missions to help either Violet or the Velons.

In the Veseran jungles, players can expect to encounter new landscapes and creatures. Some of the exciting new objects to be discovered include formidable Dromdars for battling, mysterious temples of bones, and dangerous Raptraks that sneak up and attack players. New hidden temples and abandoned camps will also lure inquisitive Creatures into unknown missions.

Freaky Creatures is now available for purchase at comic, hobby, electronic and toy retailers nationwide. The game is also available at Best Buy, FAO Schwarz in New York City and select f.y.e. stores nationwide. To try out the game for free, or to purchase your very own Freaky Creatures starter pack, please visit

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