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Abandon Interactive Entertainment Releases Freaky Adventures; Offering Extended Gameplay To Freaky Creatures Players

November 18, 2009

Abandon Interactive Entertainment Releases Freaky Adventures; Offering Extended Gameplay To Freaky Creatures Players

First Major Content Update Introduces New Characters, Environments and Mission-Based Battles in Ever-Expanding Freaky Creatures Universe

Abandon Interactive Entertainment today announced the release of Freaky Adventures, the largest content update to the ever-expanding massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Freaky Creatures. Freaky Adventures offers Player vs. Environment gameplay for the first time, challenging players to venture further into the Freaky Creatures Universe as they encounter newfound enemies and characters. Players can try Freaky Creatures and Freaky Adventures for free by signing up at

In Freaky Adventures, players delve deeper into the Freaky Creatures universe as they explore uncharted destinations beyond the familiar creature lairs and battle arenas. The previously unexplored environments in Freaky Adventures bring a wealth of strange life forms, items and enemies, each with its own specific abilities and powers. A new world map allows easy access to over 40 missions, while a missions log helps players keep track of their progress. Players will interact with key characters in the Freaky Creatures universe, and get to enter new lands including the Veseran Jungles, Towering Plateaus and Ssorak Ruins. On their journeys, players not only gain experience to level up their creatures, but also gain access to powerful new parts, powers and lair objects.

"Freaky Adventures incorporates inventive gameplay, missions and environments that will appeal to our dedicated community and new players alike," said Jamie Ottilie, COO and president of Abandon Interactive Entertainment. "This new content allows players to experience an already-robust online game in a completely different way."

Freaky Creatures is available at Best Buy, FAO Schwarz in New York City and f.y.e. stores nationwide. The game is also available at comic, hobby, electronic and toy retailers nationwide. To try out the game for free, or to purchase Freaky Creatures Starter and Add-on Packs, please visit

About Freaky Creatures
Freaky Creatures combines the best of online multiplayer gaming, collectible action figures, virtual worlds and social networking. The Freaky Creatures experience begins with a starter pack that includes two action figures and a one gigabyte reusable flash drive that unlocks the Freaky Creatures universe. The initial creatures come with 50 different parts, 20 powers and four objects that can be placed into the creature's lair. Players can take their creatures online and customize them using rare parts and powers to create one of over 3.2 billion possible combinations. Once players have created their custom creature, they can jump straight into battle, tackle missions or build a lair where they can care for their creature and hang out and socialize with friends. Gamers are encouraged to visit the community to personalize their homepage, play mini-games, join tournaments, check leaderboards, trade items, read animated comics, enter contests, form teams and much more in the ever expanding Freaky Creatures universe.

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