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Aartform Announces Spice Road

October 22, 2009

Aartform Announces Spice Road

Aartform today announced a new game for Windows: Spice Road. Currently in development by Aartform Games, a new London games studio, Spice Road is scheduled for a 2010 release.

"Deep in the mountains and deserts of central Asia, where life is hard and death is sudden, thin trails of gold, silk and spice trace a web between the industrial forges of the West and the exotic climes of the East. You are a colonial governor in the 18th Century, building a town on the Spice Road in a time of war and discovery. More than spice travels your roads - musket armies, philosophies, and power plays that span the globe are at your control." explains CEO Simon de Rivaz, "From palace to monastery, trade post to brothel - your town is worthless without the nobles, monks, merchants and whores that chose to live in it - and keeping them all happy at the same time is never simple."

Spice Road will use the StormRaid engine to deliver a beautiful fully 3D rendered world on high-end DirectX graphics cards.

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