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A wild Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshot appears!

Dragon Age Inquisition screenshot

Behold! A screenshot for Dragon Age: Inquisition! The new image, the first official screenshot for BioWare's upcoming game, was posted on the company's blog by Matt Komsthoeft; a programmer at the studio who has worked on a number of popular BioWare titles.

The post is largely a personal account of Komsthoeft's career, with him talking about life at BioWare. But there's a part where he speaks about his role on the latest entry inthe Dragon Age series, and this is where he snuck in the first screenshot for Dragon Age: Inquisition. It's even got the Frostbite 3 logo in the bottom right corner so you know it's official.

"Now I’m working on the Dragon Age franchise and having a lot of fun doing it! We are trailblazing with an engine that has never been used to make an RPG before yet already has a number of beautiful games using it," Komsthoeft said. That's all we hear about the game's progress; no explanation of the screenshot, nothing.

BioWare announced Dragon Age: Inquisition all the way back in September 2012, but we haven't heard or seen much of the game since. BioWare has released the occasional concept art, but nothing as in-depth as this screenshot -- look at those lighting and shadow effects. At EA's E3 press conference earlier this month, BioWare showed off a trailer for the game and confirmed it would be released in fall 2014 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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