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A Walking Dead zombie invades a romantic comedy

Scenario:  You and your significant other decide to go to the movie theater to watch a new movie out.  After arriving early, you get your popcorn and find your seats.  During a trailer for a romantic comedy (with a terrible plot and horrific acting) you hear strange noises coming from the back of the theater.  As you turn your head to see the source of the heavy breathing you see a full garbed zombie stumbling down the aisle.  Suddenly you hear screams from others as they too have noticed the undead in near proximity.  What do you do?

Well as a promotion for AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 2, this is exactly what happened.  During a fake trailer in a South Africa movie theater this scenario occurred.  Would you think a zombie apocalypse was actual occurring or would you keep your wits and realize there is no such thing?  That choice seems easy without actually being there.     

Watch this clip below and make sure you watch it in its entirety.  There is a pleasantly surprising twist at the end.  I may have been more entertained about just how bad of a ‘rom-com’ the fake trailer was, but the entire experience was pretty wicked.

[Topless Robot]

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