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A Valley Without Wind 2 hits Steam, bundled with first game


Earlier today, A Valley Without Wind 2 landed on PC and Mac via Steam. The game is available now for a discounted price of $11.24. After launch week, the game will be downloadable for the full $14.99 price tag.

Bundled with A Valley Without Wind 2 is the first game, and if you already own that title, you'll snag this sequel at absolutely no charge. Additionally, the two games will be bundled together from this point on, so if you get one, you'll snag the other.

According to developer Arcen Games, A Valley Without Wind 2 is more of a spiritual successor than a full-blown sequel. The studio took what it learned from its first outing with this franchise, which it admits was "clearly not for everybody," and added some new strategy-based gameplay.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Valley Without Wind, though I felt like its open world design was its own worst enemy. It goes without saying that I definitely plan on giving A Valley Without Wind 2 a look-see.

[Steam via Joystiq]

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