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A Super Mario Summary is a summary of Super Mario


Ludum Dare #23 has come and gone, and we once again got to see some really cool games. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Ludum Dare, participants are given 48 hours to create a game from the ground up and submit it to the contest. The results are often indie titles that aren't exactly "complete" games, but they do feature some outstanding ideas.

Developer Johan Peitz submitted A Super Mario Summary, which takes all 32 levels from the legendary Super Mario Bros. for the NES and turns them each into single screen puzzle platforming stages. The whole thing is an awesome concept, and I would recommend that Mario fans give the game a try.

A Super Mario Summary isn't all that challenging if you're just breezing through the stages. But really, that's kind of the wrong way to play it. If you actually try to collect all the coins and reach for the top of the flagpole, which gives you the highest star ranking, you'll find a deep and rewarding challenge. Give it a go!

Last year during Ludum Dare #20, I was able to dig through more submissions and found some great gems. The winner, Appy 1000mg was a game I found to be absolutely brilliant, and I hope it's expanded someday. After playing A Super Mario Summary, I can honestly say I want this to be a fully realized indie game somewhere along the road.

[Ludum Dare, Johan Peitz]

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