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A real life battle over a woman consisted of Link’s Master Sword and flower pots


Where are we right now? Is this Hyrule? Is this real life? I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Two men got into a tiff which involved one pulling out the Master Sword replica from The Legend of Zelda and the other person threw a flower pot at his head. This fight occurred over a girl, unfortunately not named Zelda, and a heroic ex. The woman lives with her boyfriend but this evening they got into an argument. This causes the woman to call her estranged husband to the house. Upon arriving, the duel broke loose.

All I want to do is share quotes from the local news from Katy (Texas) and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. All of these quotes are from the boyfriend involved in the story:

"Swords and flower pots; it sounds nuts, he is psycho.”

"It's late, I get up and look and he is here, and I am like go away, you don't live here anymore."

"I heard him heading to the bedroom where I was, so I jumped in the closet and I grabbed one of my replica swords, and I pulled it out and stood at the doorway, and he was coming down the hallway at me while I was yelling, 'Go away, you don't live here' and he just walked right into the point of the sword, I don't know if he thought it was a toy." 

"It [flower pot] dinged me on the head and all of a sudden I had blood pouring down my face."

I totally get the craziness and tragic aspects of this story, and I feel bad that the people involved got injured. However, I feel like Nintendo practically has had a brand new Zelda franchise script dropped upon their laps – granted some generous modifications would have to occur first. Your move Nintendo.




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