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A quick champion profile for Infinite Crisis' The Flash

Another day, another champion spotlight for Warner Bros. and Turbine's multiplayer online battle arena, Infinite Crisis, which is now officially in closed beta. Of course, what good is any DC Comics-themed game without good ol' Barry Allen. Caught in a chemical explosion at his Central City lab, Barry controls the motion of every molecule in his body, allowing him to move at extreme speeds, phase through solid matter, and whip up whirlwinds.

In Infinite Crisis, The Flash serves as a power damage, melee assassin. The Flash moves faster by using powers and does more damage the faster he is moving. When playing him, you'll want to focus on quickly getting into the fray, securing a kill or dealing significant damage, and then escaping.

The Flash is the latest DC Comics character to join the rapidly growing roster of Infinite Crisis. He joins the already announced Joker Nightmare Batman, Wonder Woman,Green LanternGaslight Batman, and Doomsday.

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