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A PUBG style VR game is on the way

For those rich enough to buy VR headsets!


There is no denying that PlayerUnkown's Battleground was the spark that lit the flame of their niche genre so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to adapt the formula and develop a Virtual Reality Battleground.

PUBG has already managed to surpass every other steam game in most concurrent player numbers and spawn several games and game modes of the same formula. GTA V has since added a PUBG styled mode and Epic Games quickly made the standalone Fortnite mode, Fortnite: Battle Royal, something that caused a bit of commotion. So not very surprisingly, VR and AR developer Oneiric Entertainment took the chance and announced Virtual Battlegrounds.

The announcement was made through a Reddit post by creative director Sean Pinnock and from the gameplay shown below it looks like everything you'd expect from a VR PUGB/ Battle Royal styled game, there's parachuting, weapon looting, driveable vehicles, and enterable houses. As of now, it does look a bit like a work in progress, but that's because it's still early in development and Oneiric Entertainment promises that there's a lot more to come.

Though players shouldn't expect a full-blown PUBG VR styled game, with the VR headset user base being rather slim maps have a 16 player limit, though if Virtual Battlegrounds sells and plays well enough plans are to expand player limits.

According to Pinnock, Virtual Battlegrounds has been a community-driven project from the beginning with everything starting with a Reddit post asking readers what kind of VR game they'd want to play. Community involvement hasn't stopped there and Pinnock has since been gathering suggestings and ideas from the VR community.

Virtual Battlegrounds is currently planned for a 2018 release, but whether or not it will be an early access title or as a finished product is still unknown. The game is set to release for the HTC Vive and for the Oculus Rift.

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