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A PS4 controller, a PS Vita and a metal hanger walk into a bar...

reddit ps4 vita hanger

Reddit user Cortinaone had a MacGyver moment. Using a metal hanger, he fashioned a harness for his PS Vita that connects it to his DualShock 4 controller, perfect for remote play -- kind of...

You see, there's no easy way to use a DS4 with your Vita. Sony hasn't made doing so easy. Using remote play requires you to sign into your PSN account, thus turning off your DS4 and making it unable to be used with the Vita. I, personally, would love to be able to control my Vita with a DS4; re-mapping L2/R2 and L3/R3 to the rear touchpad of the Vita is clumsy. But here's the workaround that Cortinaone used:

To connect the DS4 and the Vita to the PS4 at the same time, on my PS4 I have two accounts. one called "Remote Play" (This is not where I play the games, it's just a work-around until sony makes this hopefully makes this easier) and the other, which is my normal gaming account.

On the Vita I am signed into the same PSN account as my "Remote Play" user on the PS4. IT WILL REQUIRE WIPING THE MEMORY CARD :-(

So to get it all working, all I do is set up the remote play as you normally would (making sure you are connecting to the "Remote Play" account), and then press the home button on the DS4 controller. Boom. Now the DS4 is in control, but the vita still shows the stream.

It's quite a hassle. But that doesn't make the Vita remote play holder any less cool.

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