A look at the PS4's (prototype) controller

PlayStation 4 (console) Screenshot - 1137678

An image of what looks to be the PlayStation 4's controller is floating around the internet (courtesy of D'toid). The image clearly shows a PlayStation-style controller plugged into a development kit of sorts. And remember the rumor that the PS4 controller will have a working LCD touchscreen? Well, it looks like it was true.

The controller still possesses roughly the same shape as the previous DualShock controllers we've grown to love, though there seems to be a few tweaks. For instance, the dual analog sticks appear to be smaller and have a concave shape to them. The midsection of the controller also looks a tad bit chubbier.

IGN claims that the controller is real, though maintains it's "an early prototype." It's likely the controller has changed since the time this photo was taken and what will likely be shown to us on February 20th -- if that is, in fact, when Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4. Be sure to check back on Feb. 20th for our thoughts and analysis of the Sony event.

What do you think of the early prototype? Anything you'd want to see changed?

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