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A Hat in Time is a 3D platformer with Wind Waker-esque graphics


Developer Mecha the Slag is currently working on A Hat in Time, a 3D platformer that looks a lot like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in terms of its art style. You can check out the game for yourself in the trailer below. It's quite the charming title.

A Hat in Time stars an adorable hat-wearing character, and there seems to be a lot of emphasis on collecting items and utilizing cool contraptions. Also, your character wears a top hat. I know I mentioned that she has a hat already, but seriously, that hat is cool.

If you're interested in A Hat in Time, you can check it out on Steam Greenlight and give it an up vote if you so desire. In addition to PC, Mecha the Slag recently told Nintendo Everything that the game may launch on the Wii U.

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