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A guy got 7,000 Post-It notes and made a Mario stop-motion

So this dude named FinalCutKing thought it would be cool to buy and use 7,000 Post-It notes to create a Mario stop-motion video. This dude was 100 percent correct; it was so damn cool!

You can check out the video above and be astounded by the awesomeness of Post-It notes, stop-motion, and Mario all combined into one big ball of unadulterated joy. It's also only a minute and 26 seconds, so what have you got to lose? Check it out and enjoy it, damn it!

You'll see cameos from Pac-Man and those Tetris shapes, as well as all manner of Mario chicanery. Seriously, check it out. It's really impressive to think someone took the time to do this.

Despite the fact that the video is only about 90 seconds long, I wonder how long it took FinalCutKing to actually create the darn thing. I'm certain it was a painstaking process that took several hours. For that, I say kudos to you, Mr. FinalCutKing!

Now make an Earthbound stop-motion ... using only Skittles!

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