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A Disney theme park designer created a ride based on Studio Ghibli's 'My Neighbor Totoro'

Hop on a giant acorn and follow the magical Cat Bus on the adventure of a lifetime!

Disney artist and theme park designer, John Ramirez, has released his design for a ride based on the Studio Ghibli classic, My Neighbor Totoro.

Having a very extensive background in, not only Disney films like The Lion King and Aladdin to name a few, but also Disney theme park rides, professional artist, John Ramirez, happens to be a massive fan of Hayao Miyazaki and his long library of Studio Ghibli animes. Among the most recognizable of these titles is 1988's My Neighbor Totoro about two young girls who come across a gang of adorable magical forest spirits.

Fueled by his love for the film, Ramirez took it upon himself to design a riding experience encapsulating the magic and wonder of the movie suited for families of all ages. Here's how he imagines it:

Apparently, Ramirez has spoken to Hayao Miyazaki and the executives at Disney about finding the perfect place for the ride several times, but to no avail. Even with the fan outcries chiming, "take my money!", Disney doesn't seem to be budging on this opportunity for a potential money making machine...yet!


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