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A Dark Souls themed café!? I can’t take this…


So when I walked into the office this morning, my editor in chief asked me how many hours would I spend in a Dark Souls themed café? With sheepish confusion I replied, “would my life be in danger?” When the answer was no, my boyish excitement rose to an unhealthy level. Well if you needed yet another reason to visit Japan, a Dark Souls themed café is waiting for you.

What better way to get excited for Dark Souls II than going to a café with food and drink items based around the beloved and classically easy video game? Limited edition food and drink items include such masterpieces as: Ring of Stone, Successor of Sun (Praise the Sun!), Life Overflowing, Prayer of Healing, The ephemeral black meat bun, pills of darkness beans, roasted mushroom people, fried meat of snake people, Arm of the Black Dragon Karamitto (Kalameet?), Spear of Soul, Large Fire, and of course – Estus. Please keep in mind that these are bad translations done by Google; I sadly don’t speak Japanese.    

Dark Souls Menu

So long story short, I need to go to Japan. My suggestion would be to beat to local boss first or go there hollow so you don’t get invaded while eating. For more information on this café, go to their official site HERE.

I can’t take this… 

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