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A bunch of alleged Bully 2 concept art leaks online; Agent images coming 'later'

Take all rumors/leaks with a grain of salt.

Alleged Bully 2 concept art leaks online

Over the past few years, there has been plenty of talk about the possibility of Rockstar releasing a sequel to Bully and it looks like someone is pushing that rumor even further.

A Twitter account under the handle of 'Bully2Info' has released what they claim to be a bunch of concept art for Bully 2. The leaker, who originally posted on the GTA Forums, claimed that they will be releasing concept art for Agent at a later date.

Below, you'll see the images found in the leak. One of the images includes a not so subtle watermark that reads 'f*ck Take 2.' It's unclear if the leaker is upset with Take-Two's views on microtransactions, Take-Two's hatred for a specific GTA V mod, or something else altogether.

Bully 2 Concept Art

Do you think this is a real leak or not?

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