A bloody taste of Ryse: Son of Rome's story

As the Roman Empire became massive, it became that much more difficult to defend. Through taking lands from the hordes on the borders, they hurt alliances and create more war. Though organized, how can Rome expect to defend its nearly infinite borders sufficiently at all times? What if Rome is being corrupted at its core and the greatest decisions aren’t being made for the good of the empire but for the greed of the individual?

Welcome to the Ryse: Son of Rome Story Trailer. Here you’ll learn what motivates our hero, who the enemy is, and how much bloodshed it will take to reach vengeance. Questions that have been plaguing you could be answered as doors are opened into the setting and plot. Do you have what it takes to defend all of Rome? Are you good at heart? Or are you just a spirit of vengeance?  Move those eyes above and decide yourself!  

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