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9 percent of all online tech in American homes are game consoles

game consoles in homes

The NPD Group is reporting that of the 425 million Internet-connected tech in American homes today, 39 million of those are game consoles — or roughly 9 percent.

The market research group has counted more devices in people's homes than actual people. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates more than 315 million residents live in the country today.

Game systems rank as the third largest category of online devices in the group's report. Desktops and laptops placed first with 183.8 million (43 percent), and smartphones tallied second with 133 million (31 percent).

NPD also recorded 31.8 million tablets, 16 million HDTVs, 12.9 million Blu-ray players, and 8.5 million streaming media boxes.

The findings are based on a survey of survey of 4,000 U.S. adults and excludes e-readers, routers, cable TV boxes, and anything Internet-capable but not actually connected.

The NPD Group predicts second-screen experiences and integration between TVs and mobile phones to push the market forward in 2013.

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[GamesIndustry International]

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