8BitMMO welcomes PvP to its creativity

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For you 8BitMMO players out there, building your retro towns in your constructive sandboxes, are you ready for war?  In specified areas, players will be able to engage in combat with one another.  How it will work is that players will decide where fighting can occur through the construction PvP arenas.  Quite simply, you build an arena, players enter, players fight, player wins. Users will also be able to build PvE dungeon areas. 

I will always support the free to play model so why not give 8BitMMO a chance?  I also always support PvP in games so go out and murder each other.  50,000 registered players can’t be wrong.  The creative freedoms are always welcomed as well; go go player run communities!

The 8BitMMO team also got a new smooooother server, so enjoy that.


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