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500GB Hard Drive coming to Xbox 360


Previously, the Xbox 360 only supported 320GB (unless you have a custom 320GB+ Hard Drive), but times are changing.

The Xbox 360's younger brother, the Xbox One, launched with a 500GB Hard Drive - while some scoffed at how little that was, the Xbox 360 pined for that much room.

Gone are the days of pining for more Hard Drive space. Microsoft updated their store with a 500GB Hard Drive specifically intended for use with the Xbox 360. The release date is unknown and the pre-order date is yet to be announced, but we do know one thing.

The price.

How much would you pay for a 500GB Hard Drive? $50? $80? $109.99? If the last price seemed oddly specific compared to the previous prices, that because it's what Microsoft listed the Hard Drive at.

The 500GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive will cost you $109.99 (couldn't they have just listed it at $110? What does that penny do?).

Is $110 too much to ask for when it comes to a 500GB Hard Drive for the Xbox 360 (it'll be turning 9 years old in November)?

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