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500,000 gamers have reved up their Trials Evolution engines


Surprise, surprise, Trials Evolution is adored bya large amount of gamers. According to publisher Ubisoft and developer RedLynx, Evolution has surpassed 500,000 downloads - not including the tens of thousands who have downloaded the game's free demo. 

In addition, Ubisoft revealed that 60,000 new tracks have been created using the in-game track editor, which has now clocked in over one million leaderboard entires. Oh, did we forget to mention that 80,000 reviews for these user-created tracks have been published? Yeah, Trials Evolution is one beloved arcade title. 

Hopefully RedLynx will release future content for the game, because it is truthfully a one of a kind experience. Personally, it's the one XBLA title that I would shell out a full $60 for, and I am a tight-wad when it comes to spending money on games. If you have yet to experience this hit, shut down your computer, log onto your Xbox Live account and purchase it. Don't think twice - you'll thank us later. 

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